The finest from Greece

“GREEK EXPORTS" is a company that provides specialized extroversion services to Greek enterprises.
We have a highly structured and extensive network of commercial development and promotion services on the international market with a special focus on Russia.
We are working in close cooperation with the top Greek producers, who have developed their technologies and can provide high-quality standards to the global market.

Discover the "treasures" of the Greek land

Our company “GREEK EXPORTS” represents some of the most important Greek companies and their products worldwide.
Our aim is to promote Greek exports and the rise of Greek food products as a reliable product internationally and especially on the Russian market.
Our goal is the collaboration with supermarkets, food and beverage distributors, importers, restaurants, tasters, deli shops & bio, food bloggers, and retail networks of Russia.
Our prices are truly competitive because they come straight from Greek producers.

Greek Products global distribution channel