Roller Kappatos

Just like an engine roller, we, in ROLLER KAPPATOS, are constantly in motion. For 45 years now, we manufacture and offer our customers reliable, high quality household products in order to make their daily lives easier. For us, each and every one of our customers is important. They are the axis that sets us in motion, the reason we want to become better and better. In ROLLER KAPPATOS, everything, revolves around our customers and their needs.


We believe that when people work together, they always accomplish more. Over the last 10 years, we have managed to expand our partners’ network and we have been able to promote our products too many foreign countries in Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Rollers for Electrical Appliances are manufactured according to the highest European standards and are certified and patented (Patent Euro: R.C.D. No 000265723-0001).


Ease. Stability. Safety. 

These features made us create Rollers for Electrical Appliances. Our signature product line consists of useful and practical products, essential for everyone who seeks an easy, reliable and safe way to move, or just stabilize, his/hers household appliances, such as the Cooker, the Fridge, the Washing Machine, the Dryer, or any other heavy or bulky appliance.

  • Roller for Ovens
  • Roller for Washing Machine
  • Stacking Kit with Slide-out Shelf
  • Stacking Kit Adjustable
  • Stacking Kit 3 pcs
  • Pair of Rollers for Freezers
  • Pedestal for Washing Machine or Dryer
  • Anti-vibration Pads